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CPZ proposal causes controversy in Cheriton

This evening, a significant proportion of Cheriton residents packed into Cheriton Baptist Church for a meeting hosted by the Folkestone & Hythe District Councillors for Cheriton, all of whom are in the Green Party. It took so long to get around 200-250 people inside the building that the meeting started around 10 minutes after it was due to, with people who couldn’t get in still stood out on the street!

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The heritage value of a saggy old cloth cat

How Bagpuss can teach us about intangible cultural heritage.

A big happy birthday to Bagpuss, first broadcast on Tuesday 12 February 1974 – 50 years ago!

Like many people, I grew up on Bagpuss. Despite only 13 episodes being made, the series lived on for 12 years with frequent repeats. It is part of our cultural heritage that we pass on to future generations.

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